Car Pack issues

I just bought the car pass, and it let me download all of the DLC packs, besides the latest one “Alpinestars Car Pack”. Any help?

The Car Pass gives you access to the first 6 car packs, namely October '14 through to March '15. The April and May car packs are not included.

Well isn’t that a bitch lol, just wasted money

It does state quite clearly that it only gives you the first six.


Had you read the description of what you were purchasing before purchasing it it would not have been such a “waste of money”.


I bought the car pass last month and this months car pack isn’t free or won’t give me it.Could someone tell me what is going on

If you would read only the FIRST SIX dlcs are in the car pass. This month is dlc number eight.

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Nothing wrong, the car pass was only for six car packs. Last month’s car pack wasn’t covered by the car pass either.