Car pack cars not free

I have purchased the car pass and the alpinestars and playground select car packs. The cars are showing up but they are not free on the game. I have purchased other car packs and they work just fine. I contacted Microsoft support and they had me reboot, re-add my profile and verify the add-ons were installed. They told me to come here and post the problem in the Support section…but I don’t see one so putting it here. Hopefully someone will have an easy fix for me :). Oh and search wouldn’t work so I apologize if this has been answered already. Thanks!

Good Luck!!!
I’ve been trying to get this fixed for a few months now and have had no luck. Contacted support, they told me to contact Turn Ten and Microsoft Studios - guess what - there is no way to contact them. There appears to be no support for any of the Forza games. I had planned on purchasing Forza 3 but due to the lack of any support or assistance I will not be purchasing it. I was able to send an email to Microsoft Studios and was sent a replay stating that due to the high volume of messages they were not able to assist in any way. Amazing how a company like this can offer games and add-on packs and have no support available. This issue is not just Forza Horizon 2 - It also does this with Forza Horizon as well ( and no it is not the “free with gold” version).

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From my experience: yes, there is literally no support on Forza. Microsoft “support” is a bunch of dumbs, that for literally EVERY problem order resetting console / readding profile / reinstalling addon and it NEVER solves the issue. You can only ask for refund on addon and avoid it.

I also planned to join the pre-order hype, but sorry - no way. Maybe I will own FH3 when it will be free with gold or at least on a big discount. No option to spend my money again on games without ANY support.