Car mirrors reflecting on the wrong side of the vehicle [Video showing the issue]

Just casually driving and noticed this, saw it on multiple cars now. The touring car Civics, Lotus Exige etc.

Video: Mirrors Inverted or Showing reflection on wrong side - YouTube

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Nice observation there “Im2Mad4You”! Another one to mark on the list!

Yep, had to see it for myself and you are right. Ridiculous that a AAA title has these kind of “stupid” glitches. Like this one that i’ve just encountered in a Forzathon race… I’m doing the 5 lap race at Dubai with one of the play toy cars… “2012 Lotus Exige S”… as the race finishes i decided to watch the replay… oooo looks great at 60fps… then something caught my eye… the headlight would pop up now and again… strange???.. yep, another glitch… turns out that whenever the car braked, the headlights turned ON together with the brake lights, go figure!