Car meets

Hosting car meets on weekdays and weekends depending on how busy or bored I am. To join send Delora Nights a friend request.

Trolls & Xp whores will be kicked.
Meets Will be held at the test track.

Hey, I’m down to try and get something like this organized, if you still want to. Just let me know.

Ill like to do a car meet

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Let’s try and get something going.

Count me in. As soon as the missus is in work, I’ll send you a FR

Mcmurder20 is always looking for drag lobbies! Always running S class circuit and R class aswell :slight_smile:

i join anytime im on and got nothing to do. send me a message or fr Gt cone84

Im on all the time add me plaq287

I’ll add you, let’s try and organize something.