Car masteries completed 40/400 (forza hub)

I have been trying to complete this challenge for a year but I still do not know how to do it I have been playing Horizon 4 for 2/3 years I have only 40 points on this challenge and others are defeated

So this one gave me problems as well. Mostly because I just didn’t understand what it was asking.

So first of all, the Car Masteries are all the added bonuses you can put on each car. You earn skill points as you drive around and perform jumps, drifts, excessive speed, etc. These bonus points give you Perks that you can then spend unlocking bonuses for each car you own.

So go to the Upgrade section for the car that you want. Go to Car Mastery section. (Alternately, you can get there through the Main window when you are not in a house, go to the Cars tab then click the Car Mastery window). You will see a number of skills, bonuses, etc. The first tier cost 1 point each, second tier 3 pts, third tier 5 pts, and the top tier 10 pts each…with some exceptions. If you select each bonus for that car, that becomes 1 Car Mastery. I’m not sure how the points are tallied, as I am quite certain I have not done this for 400 cars…but when you do it for enough cars, it will complete that challenge for you.

Now, it is important to note, there is some lag between qualifying for the challenge and when it actually acknowledges it. Some people have had to wait a few days for it to register, others happens pretty quickly. But that is how it’s done. Hope that helps.

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You have to max out the perks for 50 cars - it´s as simple as that.

The “cheapest” way is to choose cars which only need 8 perks to complete (45 points minimum per car), while the cars with 16 perks need 100 points for each to complete.

And then you have to wait some time for the forza hub to update.

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it took over 6 months for my forza hub to update after i made sure i had 50 car masteries completed
i wouldnt hold my breath waiting
some people it has taken longer

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Yeah, mine has been stuck on 8 cars for almost a year. I’ve pretty much given up on it ever being updated, but I guess it could still happen someday.

@talby71: is there someplace in the game to track this? My count on the rewards page jumped from 2 to 23, but I know I have more. I’d like to quit once I have 50 and just wait it out…

don t think there is
i marked all mine as favorites until i had 50
then once i did i marked actual favorites

It took my forza hub around 2 months after I had probably completed it for it to actually count. I just kept completing masteries the whole time and it eventually did it. I have probably 100 cars done now, seems to be random

Can I simply buy 50 Aberths and mod those?

Or does it have to be unique cars?

yeh you can if you feel like doing that and wasting your skill points

No idea, but I wouldn’t waste your time honestly. Forza Rewards hasn’t be updating anything other than Gamerscore points for the past few months now, they don’t seem to have any intention of fixing it.

It’s honestly just broken.
I played this game to the full extend and i still only have like 4 (?) cars which are counted in which can’t be accurrate AT ALL.
Idk I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it even if it kinda sucks looking at it.

Does anyone know how often are the masteries updated in the forza hub? It looks like already more than two weeks is not updated.

There appears to be no rhyme or reason and no intent to sort it out. I’ve got tons of cars fully mastered but zero in the Hub for that, like the one for owning cars is zero (I have 725 of them). Only FH3, FM5 and FH have tracked properly for me. My FH4, FM7 and FH2 scores are all broken, only gamerscore for these (and two others for FH2) have ever registered in the Hub. FM6 was similar to FH2, most were at zero then a couple of weeks ago it all suddenly appeared. There’s a problem there, though; while the score for FM6 started registering in the Hub, the Reward payouts for FM5, FH2 and FM6 all stopped.

Mine has been stuck on 4 for as long as I can remember so probably don’t hold your breath. I’m not sure if it’s ever going to update.

As the forza hub is no longer available for download in the windows shop and it is official abandoned due to Forza Horizon 5 (see Forza Rewards FAQ and Forza Hub info - Forza Horizon 4 Discussion - Forza Motorsport Forums) it would most likely never be fixed.

More likely the whole forza reward program come to an end now (mid 2022). Loyalty seems to be outfashioned these days.

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I completed the last 12 car masteries I needed to complete FH4 in the rewards hub yesterday.

Ill keep an eye on it and let you guys know if it ever does update.

It’s by far the Forza game I’ve played the most, many times more than all the other games put together. Long since nailed every single requirement but the only one that ever updated in Hub was Gamerscore.
Same for Motorsport 7, only Gamerscore.
Horizon 3 tracked properly until complete.
Motorsport 6 didn’t track then a few weeks ago all but Driver Level updated to completion, though that’s been stuck since.
Horizon 2 never tracked anywhere apart from Days Played, Gamerscore and Paid DLC Owned (it was like this with Motorsport 6 until it did register).
Motorsport 5 tracked everywhere but froze a few weeks ago at the same time as Motorsport 6, so Badges and Titles Unlocked is incomplete.
Horizon tracked properly until complete.

In other words, it might or might not update at some point, just look every Friday or whatever it is and hit the button for the rewards, that’s all we can do. They might not register in the game every week but they do stack.