Car loses power mid race

I was playing in playa azul and my car just loses its power mid-race. Happened to me twice in a row. Luckily I was recording, and can’t find any reason why this would happen. I can share a video if necessary.

I was looking for a fuel gauge in case it’s a fuel management thing, but I don’t see a fuel gauge anywhere. Any help is appreciated, this is really ruining my enjoyment of the game.

Thank you!


Same thing has been going on for me too.

Do you mean the car came to a sudden stop? It’s a network issue, everyone is experiencing it.

That hasn’t been proven to be a network problem. It happened in FH4 as a Hard Drive problem.

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Definitely not a drive issue, and definitely a network issue. I have an NVMe SSD, so no slow down issues there, and when playing strictly in solo mode, there are no “Sudden Stops” as there are when playing online.

Wrong issue. Though the OP would need to be more specific about what he meant. World pop-in issues will give a notification of low bandwidth. Network stoppage will give a notification of being disconnected.

Network stoppage does not always come with a notification. I’ve had this happen more than 4 dozen times since the Premium Edition launch on the 5th, and less than half of those “Sudden Stops” came with a network disconnect warning (though all were definitely as a result of said disconnect), but this shouldn’t be a surprise given the idiotically broken nature of this game.

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It’s some sort of bug which is up to the developers to fix, anyway, and I’m sure they will because it’s too big to ignore.

H5 has a lot of “cheats” built in to help their lousy drivatars. Your car will loose power and grip while the
drivatars will get a huge nitroboost and go like on rails. But I`m still beating them in my -65 Mini :wink:

The game doesn’t have a power reduction cheat. My car doesn’t slow down during a race. I did the 22 Minute Gauntlet, and my car was the same all the time. I don’t have tyre wear turned on, and that’s the only thing I can think of.

Yes the hard drive problem IIRC could occur when driving very fast on the motorway, it would exceed the ability of the hard drive to stream the world in fast enough sometimes.

The sudden stop can happen any time and AFAIK is network related. The error message may not appear until some time afterwards also. Unfortunately it is highly desirable to play ‘online’ because there is then far less traffic and drivatars to hinder you on the roads.

You keep saying it’s network related, but it happed to me on the same part of the same road which was the FH4 Hard Drive problem we had before. How would the network happen in the same place?

Coincidence? I’m running it on an SSD and it’s affecting everyone AFAIK so I think this is a red herring.

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I’m running it on SSD, but this game is bigger than FH4.

Why would the game read from the network, and not your hard drive? It sounds like a slow way to run the map.

The game isn’t reading the map from the network, nobody is saying that.

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The game stops when it can’t read the map fast enough so you ‘are’ saying that.


Also it just did it again at a very low speed, so it isn’t because an SSD can’t stream it in fast enough.

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Well I’ve never had it happen on low speed. But it’s still odd that FH4 had the same bug that was Hard Drive, and this bug you say from the same game engine is now loss of connection. Two identical bugs, same engine, and you say different bug.

Because the people having the problem before were running at high speed and on a mechanical, usually 5400rpm hard drive which is why it affected the base Xbox One models mostly.

Correlation isn’t causation. Just because it happens while driving doesn’t mean it’s the same cause.

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