Car list, all forza's

Has anyone ever made a car list that includes cars from all forza motorsport and horizon games, and put all games the car is in? I want to make videos driving these cars around, but there are thousands of cars that have been in a forza game and it will take forever to make a list of my own.

Yes, click the FM7 logo here or go here:

Click the Data menu, Filter views, and Create New Temporary Filter. In column D you’ll see a total of 1,578 cars to ever appear in Forza games; scroll over to columns AX through BH to see which games they’ve been in. To filter out the livery duplicates (like promotional cars, and extras of NASCAR and other race models with different liveries on the same chassis/engine), use column BL.


As a guy who has to use analytics and spreadsheets to accumulate and understand large data sets on a daily basis, your work here is beautiful. Lol. Keep up the good work.

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I have as well, but it’s in Notepad TXT format… lol also lists all cars from every Forza