Car in home at the start bug?

i’ve noticed that sometimes when i start the game after starting the console in the homespace i’ll have my " first car " that i took for the first race … but the last time i played i had another car as " in use " … it happened only to me or someone else?


First time it happened was yesterday for me. Happened today as well when I turned the game back on. ??

It’s happened to me too … but mine is happening with a car I’ve never raced. Almost every time I start the game up, the same car is there no matter which car was the last car I was using.

Nop. I have theseme problem

oh ok so it seems a common thing , i noticed when happen that the game make a long sync of the account before starting… maybe is for that?

Yes!! It happened to me twice and I’m already tired of seeing that Golf.
I guess I’ll just sell it or remove from my collection.

Same here! Blue Golf! lol.