Car horsepower

Hello, i like to ask this, when i buy all upgrades for a car with tires etc., so it has MAX of everything. How come i dont get the same horsepower from that car, that you can find on the download upgrade settings from other users?
It’s like, my car can have 700HP and those that i can download from ingame has more than 1000HP… ?

Can someone please explain this, did they cheat when doing those builds? If not, then please explain how people does it, so i can try it myself.

Engine swaps have higher maximum horsepower than the upgraded engine that comes with the car:

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Ahh, thats why :slight_smile: Thanks. At first when you look at the engine swap ingame, it makes you think it’s so much worse than what you have, but it’s not. It will be so much higher HP at the end.

But remember Hp is not the live all take all for the setups. I tend to always try to bring my torque up too. That will ensure the car gets going a little bit faster and will be quicker say from 60 to 100 that lower torque rated cars. That has helped me out a lot on Rivals times.

One more thing, a good balanced build built for your style of driving is almost always faster than using someone elses. Just my two cents worth.