Car Exhaust Sound Settings?! What do you think about it?

What do you all think about a Car Exhaust Settings system? A Setting to change your car sound. To make the car louder, sounds higher or sounds extrem deep. Something like a custom exhaust soundmixer? Would be a great idea and Forza doesnt have to pay licences to all the Custom Exhaust companys and trademarks, because we build our own car sounds.

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Er, no.

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Hmm, maybe not a mixer…

But man, it really does still annoy me they haven’t done this or paid much attention to detail when upgrading the exhaust system on cars, to actually CHANGE the sound…I mean…we have so many brands out there, surely we can look at Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Milltek, Jetex and dozens more:

Surely some of them would be game to have there exhaust systems sound represented in the biggest car/racing franchise ever made? It would be free advertising at the very least “oh wow that sound good, i may get that for my real car!” < example A.

Yeah it would be a ton of work…but even if they just got a small select handful over the next year or so…I really hope they come to realise how important exhaust note sound upgrades are to the whole feeling of a modified car.

FM2 had the engine and exhaust character changing appropriately between street, sport and race upgrades. They somewhat brought it back in FM4 and in F5, it was there for only a handful of cars. In FM6 and H3, it makes practically no difference expect give you higher revving sounds. It’s a downer as I’ve lost the motivation to race, earn credits and buy cars as A. they may not sound right, or B. there will be no change at all to the audio character.

Thanks to the number of cars they’ve started to include in the game, everything else is taking a backseat, especially car sound changes, accuracy, depth and physics as well. Makes me sore as hell.

FM5 is their best work to date - the sound and physics seem to have gotten the attention they truly deserve.

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Absolutely agree

The engine swaps already allow you to change the sounds plus the forced induction sounds.