Car Downshifts Twice

Using Manual with Clutch on layout 6. Sometimes the car will downshift two gears when I clearly only select one. Tested on Z28 and GT350 as well as with Race and Sport Transmission. Really makes the game hard to play.

You can test it by sitting at a standstill shifting to 2/3/4/5/6 and hitting downshift once. It should go down to 1 (at standstill) but it’ll go all the way to reverse sometimes. The inconsistency implies it’s not a feature to go into reverse at standstill when downshifting.

The GT500 taillights are incorrect. The centers should be clear until the brakes are applied at which point they should turn red. As of now, they’re always red and look pretty bad in race.

Thanks in advance.

Bump… I can’t believe no one else has encountered this yet…