Car don't move and new error

Well before anyone say it YEAH I did try to press W or the RT button (I am not a native speaker so I may “spell” something wrong, sorry for poor choice of words) I enter the game get a really long loading screen and when I am finally “in the game” all I can do is look around I did everything I could to fix the low bandwidth problem( even formatted the Hdd) My pc runs the game in 1440p extreme but this is the problem I have now I can’t pause, can’t move, can’t even go back to menu I have to alt+F4 to close the game and I had the game open while I was writing this and it got an error that I never seen before “0x00007FFA6FO9E99D referenced the memory in the 0x0000000000000000 can’t read it”

It looks like you’ve skipped over the PLEASE READ thread pinned above. Please help the team log these issues by submitting a ticket per the instructions.