Car Design Comission Request

Hey everyone! I was wondering if I could request a commission for a car design on horizon 1 for Xbox 360. The request I have in mind are for 3 different cars: the 1997 Lamborghini Diablo sv, the 2011 McLaren mp4-12c, and the 2012 Ultima gtr. The designs that need to be included are of faiytails Erza Scarlet in 3 of my favorite armors: the heaven’s wheel armor’s_Wheel_Armor.png the adamantine armor and the lightning empress armor If anyone is interested in doing this for me please pm me on Xbox live. My gamertag is ChizmoTheFatCat this is kind of a first come thing and I will be paying in in-game credits. My offer is 15,000 credits per design. Thank you in advance for your interest.

15,000?!?!?!?!?! Is that all?! haha!

Well I see people with similar designs charging 5,000. I thought I’d make it 15. But those people don’t speak English so i can’t ask them. So I decided to come here. You don’t have to be rude about it. Just give me an honest estimate and I’ll consider it. And as I stated it’s per design meaning if you really wanted to you could make three different designs for each car. That’s 15,000 x 9.

I was just messing with you, It was a joke! Calm down…

Though I did get 1 million credits for a logo once…

Oh sorry. But 1 mil for a logo? What was it? And I really want these designs.

It was on Forza 3, I can’t remember what the logo was though. Trouble is, not as many people play Horizon 1 now so you are less likely to find good artists.

Try looking through the forums to find people showing their designs, ask if they are still painting, or look in the storefront for the most downloaded designs, then ask them.

I’m really slow or I lose concentration so it would take me months! haha!

Okay thanks. I’ll look there. Though most people I find in the storefront are in Japan and probably don’t speak english. But thanks again.