Car Design and Preview Issue

I made The Flash design for Supra RZ but the preview of the car design is different from the actual car design. The car design is shared on Forza.

Take a look at the actual design that is in my garage applied to the car and shared in Forza:

The Flash Supra RZ

I was able to verify this by-- buying the car and applying my design but its still different.

Steps to verify this yourself:

  1. Go to Buy Car, find and select Supra RZ.
  2. Search for a theme with Cartoon, Character as the keywords.
  3. Find and select Supra Flash, the preview of the car design is not the exact same as in the picture above.

What I have tried:

  1. I have deleted the car design and and redid the entire design and shared it. yet know luck.
  2. I have also saved multiple instances of the design to the catalog only, and still no luck
  3. I have deleted the car it self from my garage and from my design list, bought the car again and redid the entire design-- again, yet the car design preview when buying the car is slightly different from the car wheels and the front bumper.

To find the design:

  1. You can search Cartoon and Character as the keywords and it should show in the recommendations (when searched).
  2. You can search it using my gamer tag: AllFatherZeus

Anyone else facing this issue?
Any Suggestions?

Are you giving the designs different file names? Using the generic ‘Forza’ save name multiple time seems to the cause of several issues.

I give name to the files (different for every instance). but yes i have noticed that. but i’ve given them names but for some reason its only particular to Supra RZ. I haven’t had a problem with other cars and designs.

Hmm. I would recommend giving Turn 10 a heads-up by email them at Don’t anticipate a quick response, but they will read your email and, surely, take a look at the issue.

This works for me everytime in updating the image thumbnail. It does not help with body changes though, i.e. ground effects, different bonnets, or bumpers etc.

  1. Manually load the file you want to share.
  2. Add any vinyl. It doesn’t matter just pick one click ‘A’ until it’s added to the car.
  3. Cut that same vinyl.
  4. Hit ‘B’ and select “Save to Design Catalog Only”
  5. Give the file a new name.
  6. Share the file when the prompt surfaces.
  7. Go back to my designs and double check that the file thumbnail updated.

Always give your files a name even if it’s just ‘yy’.

Good luck.

I have actually done this as well… but doesn’t seem to work either… it will be a while until this issue becomes more apparent to rest of Forza players! :frowning:

My friend has that issue and so have I. In a race tho my design shows up on my car but his doesnt. He just started doing a base color only and it fixed his in races. When mine gets to bad I just close the game and do a hard reset amd iy fixes it most of the time.