Car Culture achm

I raced the ferraii (excuse my spelling) (all of them) twice and I still haven’t got the ach. to move(how much percantge)(excuse my spelling). There a bug in the system???

Got mine last week. It is working. Check history of every car and look for one that has not been raced. If there are two similar Ferrari’s with only a different paint/# both have to be raced as well.

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No its not that, I haven’t got a percentage on how many I have done Its like you have one ferraii and you race it, and the ach… shows how much you have done… I haven’t gotten that yet???..,

if you did it when there was issues with xbox live they wont move straight away
try hard resetting your console and look again

also have you purchased the cars or are you renting them…shouldn’t matter though
2009 458 team forza Italia does not count either or the unicorn ferrari
you must complete the race too

First thing I tried(hard reset) no joy!!! I own all the cars!!

I’m having the same or similar problem. Looking in Forza Hub, and in the Achievements section of my profile, Car Culture doesn’t show up any percentage. I’ve gone through all the Ferraris, but it’s like it doesn’t recognize that I’ve done a race with any of them. It’s not progressing at all, and I don’t recall ever seeing it show a percentage of completion (my other unfinished achievements do).

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: I missed one of the 333sp Ferraris- when I raced it, the achievement unlocked. I’m not sure why the percentage wasn’t showing up, but it did unlock after I raced the one I had missed.

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It seems like other people dont have any isues.

If you look a bit down right side under recent winners you can see that plenty of people unlocked it recently.

Maybe try and go through the cars again.

I have an issue!!! Been that same way for me!!

I have it unlocked. You have to race all the cars! I raced even the doubles with different liveries to make sure but I had it unlock for me.

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Its the same way with me!!!

DragonKnights68- I just now went to each Ferrari in my garage and clicked on it, then clicked “view history.” It tells how many races have been run with each car. Somehow, I missed one of the 333sp ones. I ran a race with it and got the achievement. I’m still not sure why the achievement percentage wasn’t progressing, but it did unlock after my last race. So if you own all the Ferraris, I’d suggest going through and looking at the history of each one to see if a race has been done with every one of them. I thought I had, but I was mistaken.

I hope that helps you!

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I went through the history and had all mine done, no cheevo BUT I had missed ONE car in the buy menu, way down the list.
It only takes ONE.
Race em all and it will trip.

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I got it, I don’t know how I missed it, but there was one way down the list… I raced it and I got the ach… Thank you!!!

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Great! I know you’re happy you got it- I sure was :slight_smile: It’s tough not knowing why something isn’t working- glad it’s all figured out now…