car clubs

hi guys I am a new person to this forum and have heard about a car gararge in forza horizon can you get it on forza horizon 2?

Welcome to the forums, MaxMechanic77. It depends on what you’re thinking about in terms of clubs. For the Xbox One version of Forza Horizon 2 you can join a club or create your own, which lists the members in their own leaderboard. There is no shared garage for clubs, however. Take a look in the Club Lounge forum for club threads to see if there are any you recognize or would like to join.

Strange he does not even mention clubs ??
He is asking about a garage that’s why I did not understand his question really

Not sure I understand the question.
The car garage is in both games as that is where you change cars.

I think he means the club garage on H1, there is not a club garage for shared cars on H2, as there is no ability to share car’s etc on H2