Car club Achievement

If I start a car club How am I going to get the car club achievement when you join one ??
I think this needs addressing.
Or should I have joined one first then started another ?
I know this is petty but it is driving me mad

On the One there is no achievement for joining a club. Are you playing on the 360? If not, which achievement (name) are you referring to?

I think he reffers to the 360 version.

You have to JOIN a club, not create one.
Got that confused in the beginning, too. Bit of a stupid achievement if you ask me.

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Simples. Join a club then start your own.

Great. What if you did not know about this achievement and just transferred your Club from Horizon ?.
I now have to leave that club and join another just to get that achievement. MADNESS !!

Well that was quit something. Having to leave your club just to get this achievement.
Still done now.
Thanks for making such hard work of such an easything