Car changing after race

Can you stay in the same car u were in b4 a race instead of automatically changing to the car u had to race with? This is by far the most annoying part of the game. Some1 please help!


The things people moan about never ceases to amaze.

Just click on “autoshow” from the pause menu (under CARS tab) to access your garage. You aren’t billed for the fast-travel in this case.

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It is very disruptive in Co-op campaign, to wait for others or to have others wait for you to switch back to your free roam car, from your race car.

The nearest festival, could also be in the wrong direction to the next group destination.

The FH1 option was great and needs to come back.


I’m sure Horizon 1 gave you the option of whether you wanted to stay in the car you just used, or go back to what you turned up in.


Yep they did. Why do the obvious/necessary options such as choose-able lobbies of the new Forzas get left out so easily?? It’s ridiculous

^ yea it did, although going to the Autoshow is an option it still isnt as fluid as what FH1 had where you could simply stay in the car, but its all we can do in this case.

You could also use Blueprint to run the race in whatever car you showed up in.

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its abit annoying indeed now i can fast travel anywhere for free but all the load screens kill that idea so its become a every race costs 10k feature™ for me