Car breaking loose under clutch

Haven’t done any testing on other cars but I’m currently driving the Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo and the car is difficult to handle in downshifting scenarios using manual + clutch controller settings. It is most noticible when climbing down from third gear to second. If downshifting while having the wheel turned even in the slightest, the car will lose rear traction. It does not matter how quickly you apply the clutch the car still over-revs in an instant and sends the rear sideways. Now before you tell me I’m crazy, I have extensive real-life track experience even in purpose-built race cars and that is NOT normal - even WITH a foot pedal. Pressing a single button to activate the clutch takes a third of the time pressing a foot pedal does in a real car, and if a foot pedal doesn’t send me in a spin why should a tenth of a second button tap?

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Are you rev matching?

Compression locking is a drift initiation technique.

Could you share a replay of this with telemetry?

Disregard this whole topic, I’m an idiot and I’m too embarrassed to explain why.

Ahh go on, explain :stuck_out_tongue:

probably wasnt rev matching or his button layout did/didnt reverse the clutch and e-brake. when u downshift with no rev the back kicks out and if he confused the e-brake for the clutch well its obvious what was happening there.

I’m sure he has done the latter, and i’m laughing my a** off because i’ve done the same time thing and thought the same thing. Only i had realised before posting here haha.

I did that e-brake clutch wrong way round on horizon 2. It was driving me mad not knowing why I kept spinning when using the clutch. Although in my defense the game has them labelled incorrectly.

Yep I did the exact same thing in Forza 5. Took me over an hour to realise.

It probably has happened to everyone driving manual with clutch with the a/lb swap, i’m sure. For me it was with a Mercedes c63, a very tail happy car to begin with. I wondered how they got the car so wrong in the game before i realised my mistake facepalm

I did it in the RX-7 during the intro series.

Struggled through two races with it, not clueing in. The realization hit me like a frizbee to the throat halfway through the 3rd.

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And you all mock me for using LB for clutch by default…

You are not alone, brother lol. I personally find it much easier to use LB for clutch, I tried to change it for FM5 and 6 but both attempts failed. My brain keeps getting confused and I never got the hang of it! So I stick to the default, better jet I used that layout sinse FM3 and don’t have any problems with it. I don’t understand why some people recommend this setting.

Not really. I bet you don’t catch the LB handbrake under heavy left trigger braking like i do occasionally. Seriously thinking about getting an elite controller to remap the handbrake to somewhere behind the telly.

its the opposite for me. i get the unexpected look behind when im on the gas

Well you are taught to check your rear view mirror before making maneuvers for your driving test.

I will never understand the point of using a clutch in this game on cars that do not have a manual clutch in real life.

I also use LB if I use the clutch in the game.

Not an issue I’ve occurred as I must be one of the only ones who won’t drive a car like so with clutch, most of these racecard have sequential/clutchless shifting so that’s how I drive It. No problems.

You can tell me all you like how clutch is more engaging. And on a Porsche 911 I’d say you’re right. On a flawed video game…ill stick with one button shifting

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There is a clutch for all cars because it makes the game way more engaging to drive if you have ever played pcars you know this, its clutch feature is boring and doesn’t add to the game like Forza.

For you guys using l8 you have to fool around over there shifting midcorner etc you are in big trouble, my braking fingers/ gassing finger is never affected / too busy to shift.

While I agree with you that it gets super messy using LB, you should be in the right gear approaching your corner and use that gear to carry your through. In real life its a no no to shift mid corner.

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