Car Bog With manual w/ Clutch

SoOOooOooOo, i’ve realized im not the only one.

my gears are fine i’ve adjusted countless times etc. etc. etc. watch the video

Video of launch

the Car doesnt make power or boost when the game says its not moving “x<1mph”
this is causing a nasty bog for all my 4WD and select fwd and rwd cars

This happens a lot with the high-end race cars (most notably the Lotus E23) as well; I’m guessing the timing of the clutch disengagement off the line isn’t as seamless as it was in previous games.

One way to get around it is to rapidly press the clutch button while full-throttle launching until the rear wheels break traction. You’ll get more wheelspin than a typical launch but you won’t stall.

The only car I’ve found that (depending on how your gearing is set up) is guaranteed to stall unless you turn off the Clutch is the Lotus E23.

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It’s not the timing tho. Well not in my instance. As you saw in the video. The car was revving like the stock engine and only limited at 90something HP. It’s as if the simulator engine has a bug of some sorts…

Do you know how often forza moderators check the forums?

Moderators check daily.

Some Turn 10 staff also check daily I gather, but don’t post as much unless they “must” step in. Developers don’t have as much freedom to talk about issues as the general public do.

Have a quick read here:

It’s gotta be a bug. This happens with a lot of cars when starting from a stand still. Happened in the demo and turn10 still hasn’t done anything about it. Wonder if it is more of a wheel/pedal problem?

If you read the thread I linked, the problem is the game does not alloy 100% throttle when the car is stationary, it does the same regardless of input device.

Do you know if previous games had this issue? I don’t remember such a thing happening in Forza Motorsport 4.

It happens in forza 5, horizon 2 and forza 6. I have never noticed it in forza games on the 360, will have to check when I get the chance

Yaaassss the post you linked is exactly it… I just resorted to using normal manual for now.
And my lap times haven’t suffered the auto-rev match helps a ton lol

I just started playing FM 6 like 3 days ago I came from 4 and played 3 prior. No issues…

Do you have TCS on as well? Because on the cars I have tried I can’t replicate the no-boost partial throttle problem. It always comes down to TCS and manual with clutch on, in a mostly overpowered car.

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You saw how I smoked the tires the tcs isn’t on… and the no boost issue was @WOT , the car doesn’t even make over 100hp either when stationary. It’s possibly a bug for high power cars and cars with engine swaps.

I could replicate this video if I was using a stock subaru sti. all the generations do it. Or any lowish power 4WD car

It’s most definitely a bug but it’s only a problem if you’re using manual with clutch. I could bet that the forza mods don’t drive clutch so they wouldn’t experience it enough first hand

I was using a B class Subaru earlier today and I was able to get both full boost and 100% throttle at a standstill. I realize it may not happen with every car but so far the only problems I’ve had have been tcs + manual with clutch. Turn off tcs and the car goes ( spins out ) no problem.

Pick out a car and build and what assists you are using and I will try and replicate it.

Build and Tune

Car in Practice without clutch

OKAAAY! forza handicaps the power when you’re “launching” or revving stationary to save the engine it seems…
But when the car is on a slow roll and redline like a mofo it damages the engine :
please watch the video below

Engine Damage?

it certainly is a new feature, and they did that mostlikey so you wont damage the engine when youre in the count down for a race start

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Bingo, nice find, I didn’t even think of engine damage when redlining, forza hasn’t done that since the original

It bogs down just as much with cosmetic damage, I wouldnt put too much into the low hp numbers or boost when it is sitting still, engines only make hp under a load and doesnt take any hp at all to rev an engine just sitting there.

I built up a BRZ - 3.0 F6 engine, awd,drag tires,twin turbo all upgrades, ran it with man+clutch, no tcs. It bogged down quite a bit but it was inconsistant, sometimes a little bit, sometimes a lot but it was there.

Buuuut… drop in the 5.7 or the rally engine and no problems at all ( made boost at launch no problem with twin turbo upgrade ) even when I tried to get it to bog, so part of it is the engine as well. You seem to have hit upon the perfect combination of parts to cause problems.

Try out the Lotus F1 man+clutch+tcs if you want to see a hopeless cause.

Haven’t seen anything like that since forza 1

$5 says if they do fix this, it will be in FM7 or FH3

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I have a theory, I think they have done it to try make the choosing the rev range at launch a little easier. Normally high hp cars will only take very little throttle to hit redline, so perhaps it is slightly dynamic so the the more power the car has, the less throttle it allows when stationary (for example having 40% throttle mapped to your full input will make the throttle feel less touchy)

If this theory is correct then I have a solution, they could achieve a similar effect by bending the throttle linearity when stationary instead, the throttle will still be less touchy and you will still be able to get 100% throttle input

It’s not a feature, it’s a bug.

The only way I could replicate this was to have the race/sport flywheel installed, the race clutch helps too, but this doesn’t happen with stock flywheel/clutch, and there is minimal boost as well instead of zero.It also doesn’t happen with the 5.7 no matter what parts you have or what you are doing.

Essintially if you have the F6 3.0 with race flywheel and clutch, using manual with clutch assist, rev banging- but neither standing still nor in gear, with simulation damage on- you can damage the engine. You’ve hit upon exactly the right circumstances for this to occur, it doesn’t make it right, just rare and not a game wide problem.