All cars are hand tuned by myself. No tune will be available to be shared. Will post in the relevant forum areas for when I will auction an HE car with one of my tunes applied. Only one BR-Z HE exists in the wild with my tune at the current moment. Lincoln Technical Institute Graduate with Honors, former BMW programmer and technician, and Exotic Car Photographer at Manhattan Motorcars.

Vehicles are all customized for maximum effectiveness for the variety of terrain that one would encounter in a Games Championship Online, however, these vehicles are more than competitive for racing online.

While the focus is on handling, this is achieved through tuning vehicles to comply with many of the advantages found in some of the mid engined supercars I’ve driven during my tenure at Manhattan Motorcars. Through becoming friends with some of the owners, meeting up after work to swap keys with my recently deceased Porsche Cayman, I’ve found that in NYC and on rough terrain, damping and suspension absorption becomes the most important factor. Vehicles are adjusted with all parameters accounted for (Not just ForzaTune and go) based on the specific individual characteristics. For instance, vehicles that take longer to rev / low torque / high RPM have all ratios accounted for to achieve complete efficiency in acceleration without second and third gears being too long/short for specific motor characteristics. In other words, a quiet way the Cayman was neutered to preserve the ego’s of 911 owners who hate admitting mid engine is the correct config but I digress…

Glamour shots are provided of vehicles; paint schemes are contiguous, and designed to inflict maximum psychological distraction on competitors behind the driver.

All graphics credits go to the respective artists, I do not have the patience for it. Will update with names when home.

Bonus shots :3

Putting aside your bloated sense of stature, inflated ego, incredibly childish stickers, attack on 911 owners and completely unnecessary political statement, I’ll say a few words regarding the following photo.

This photo ticks many boxes for me. Whether it’s the soft aperture, the good sense of speed and action or the well executed composition, you’ve got a very enticing photo here. As for the chrome… I’m not usually a fan of chrome on cars, though in this instance I feel the chrome adds to the photo rather than destroy it.


Thank you for your kind words, I got the exact reaction I was hoping to get!

I find that the stickers on the rear aggravate people online, leading to many hours of hilarity on the microphone, and an edge in competitive gameplay during Online Game Championship mode. It’s nothing more than a way of extracting as many “lolbucks” as one can, and as you have demonstrated, it works.

I will slowly release content as I get more footage to create a montage, however, in preparation to launch these vehicles, I’m making last minute adjustments based on the new DLC.

With a little 'shop:

So let me get this straight. You’ve done some tunes for the various HE cars, but instead of sharing them, you’re auctioning off cars that have those tunes installed, with paints that are meant to irritate the people behind? Is that the long and short of it?

Do you have anything to demonstrate why I (or any other protential buyer) would want these tunes? Most of my HE cars already have tunes. What do your tunes offer that other top tunes don’t? Exclusivity?


This one would have to by my favorite out of all of them:

I do think it’s missing a little “oomph”. Keep experimenting!


I have to ask this. Do you like Audi’s or Mercedes-Benz’s?

If you want to advertise tunes, then you’re better off putting it in the appropriate Tuner’s Garage section of the forums. We also have the Seller’s Marketplace which would suit all your needs in regards to selling your cars.

Here, it’s all about forzatography with a taste of photography. To avoid any risk of the thread getting moved without your consent by a moderator, I would highly suggest sticking to just the photography and forzatography you wish to share within each post, while also not advertising about your tunes or auctions which have appropriate outlets for them. A bio about yourself is cool and it’s quite a colourful one that you have, but things such as your political views of a U.S Election are less relevant in the international audience of this entire forum, and I believe most of what I’ve mentioned so far about this thread borders on the rules of the forums themselves:

*Taken from the Forza Motorsport Forums Terms of Use:

Having a strong pride or ego is also not very welcome in this forums’ internal culture. My best advice for you here, coming from someone who’s been on this forum for as long as 6 years, would be to act much more humbled when posting here. Trust me.

I won’t be discussing the tunes any further, as they are to be posted in the relevant sub-forums when released.

Anyone who would like to interpret the use of Trump badging as anything more than satire were being addressed with that statement. Some people cannot take a joke :frowning:

I’ve been very fond of Audi’s Quattro system, and I find the cars to be enjoyable to be in. A lot of tech sort of thrown at you, but then again, I know my personal taste is to choose a car that is more about experience than technicality, like the exhausts that I hear on the newer Ferrari’s versus the faster McLaren.

And some people can’t even make one


Through your complete arrogance, you’ve failed to grasp anything that has been said. However, if you wish to act like an impudent child then by all means, go ahead as you will not get very far on these forums with the pitiful attitude you are currently showing.


I did, didn’t I?

EDIT: Whether it’s satire or not, things like that on here can be misinterpreted which can result in the effects of trolling which in the forum rules is another no no. No hard feelings. Just as long as you know.

While your real life photography is fairly impressive, you aren’t impressing anyone here with your attitude. Arrogance and Forza do not go hand in hand, and there is very little tolerance for trolls and bullies. The Forza community is a vocal one, and keep in mind the Forzatography side is very close-knit. But hey, don’t let me waste my time and breath. I’ll just wait for one of our excellent moderators to give you a friendly reminder (coughcough oh Dragnet? where are you?)



Don’t think calling the mods is necessary, I doubt he’s broken any rules here.
@OP, you’d probably have a lot more success with this schitck if you took it to reddit’s Forza page. We obviously don’t like it much, but you’d probably be a hit over there
edit: and to be clear, this isn’t a put-down or me being condescending. I genuinely think this


I can’t deny that you’ve taken some good shots but the way you present yourself, your photography and your tuning setups is very off putting. Quality of work isn’t what earns you respect 'round these parts nor will your background. Modesty and having respect for others is what will get you far here. This is a community after all. I get that you want to promote your work and that you’re here to profit but your post makes it sound like you’re just bragging and that you’ve got an ego that’d rival Kanye West. And that’s coming from a guy named Apparently God…