Capped at 60 fps despite using a 144hz monitor with in-game fps setting set to above 60 fps

My in-game fps counter (and external software fps counter) shows that it won’t go above 60 fps. My game is consistently at 60 fps so my hardware is sufficient enough to go above. My system and in-game settings are set to 144hz. I can run other games at 144hz as well. I have a secondary 60hz monitor but unplugging that (and restarting my game) doesn’t fix the issue. Any other potential solutions?

In the video settings have you got the frame rate set to unrestricted and vsync set to off?

I fixed the issue. My nvidia control panel fps was set to 60 fps by default for some reason. Once I changed that and restarted my game, it was fixed. I’m not sure why it was the default setting though.