Cany anybody help a NOOB out? (Upgrading cars)

Hey guys,

I have a question about the upgrading I guess.

I have a Ferrari F40, S Class 750 Rating, its fully stock

I noticed that in multiplayer games people had S class cars up to rating 800

When I attempt to upgrade my F40 past rating 750, it says I am exceeding class restrictions.

I am wondering how is it possible to have an 800 rated S class car if when I try to upgrade mine past 750 it says I am exceeding class restrictions?

Thanks much!

See your problem and say you just ignore the warning message it is just for Career and some MP lobbies upgrade it to your hearts content will not be a problem at all the Class Restriction is just for the homongiesed part of the game.

Welcome to the worlkd of upgrades and tuning for tuning tips have a look in the tuning section​:+1::+1::+1:

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You can upgrade your S750 car up to S800 or beyond if you like - it’s just warning you that you are not going to be able to use it in races where you must stick to the homologated limits set by the game.

So in single player that Ferrari in whichever group it fits in to - all of the other cars must be ‘homologated’ to the S750 limit, with the set tyres, tyre width, HP limits etc that make up that little grouping. It’s a way for the game to balance the field and try to make more of the cars competitive with each other. So naturally if you say fit race tyres and everyone else is running street tyres, you would be way more competitive - so it won’t let you race in that group any more.

The S Class hopper online though, will allow you to run any car so long as it’s in the S range - you could take a D class car and build it up to S class and run that against whatever everyone else is running.

Hopefully that makes some sense.

Thanks guys, I think I get it now.

One other question:

Are there multiplayer lobbies for slower cars? Like D/C Class?

The S Class is just way too fast for me in multiplayer right now.

There are ‘hot hatch’ and ‘muscle car’ events where you have to use specific cars, but they are in lower classes.

At present no the only class lobby is S class (up until this weekend there was an A class lobby that the S class one replaced).

However if you are looking for slower lobbies try the hot hatch one. However be aware this is limited by horsepower and tyre width as well as PI.

Hot Hatch is so limited though.

I dont understand why they limit the lobbies like this

Is there not enough people playing or something?