Can't use my tunes

Ok I deleted my game data a while ago. I got fed up with the state of the game. Lobbies etc. I was told they have improved massively. Soooo I start again. However my tunes that I have uploaded before reset are not available to me.

It says I cannot download as I created them.

does anyone know how to fix this. Its the same with my paints.

ive redone a few tunes to get me by in online racing but its bugging me.

thanks trev

Who told you this game improved massively? IMO it went the other direction a few steps with the complete failure of the tacks being worked on for corner cutting “that didn’t need it”, the bugs in the lobbies… which still isn’t clear if they will be fixed or at least even looked at, and the marshals that turn 10 has out there now that is completely useless as lobbies haven’t changed at all…and if one get’s banned all he/she needs to do is make another GT and they will be back at it in no time.

… but in response to your question, I think you are screwed for getting your tunes and liveries back, if you can’t download them because you created them then the only way I see of getting them back is if you remember exactly what you did for the tunes, start by getting the stats for speed, accel, handling, and braking…try and match these up and perhaps memories will flood back in…if not…you’ll have to do it all over again.

Previous editions of Forza Motorsport did not allow “retrieval” of anything off the storefront either. It is “shared” to those areas from your own local storage, but not a two-way street where you can get them back if you decide no longer have them viewed by the public. As someone else said, they’ve gone now. If you know which ones they are, you could send an email to Turn 10 with the filename of the items, and perhaps they could have a tech manually remove them from display.

Yeah I figured as much. There was a lol hope that it was possible. Thanks for confirming though.

And I see what you mean about the cutting.
Most races im the only one with clean laps. Le mans is prob the worst. I would of figured the crappy drivers would of done one by now. Lol.
yeah I was told the actual lobbies had improved.

I can now confirm I was lied to. Im gonna keep playing for a bit tho.

waiting for more cars and tracks for assetto. .

Ahhh snowowl I get funds from them still to be fair. Lol
I will just leave them. I have done some new ones for the cars I have. Its all extra funds. Lol. Went from all cars hundreds of mil. To nowt lolol. All funds count. Thanks anyway