Hi I have some technical issue and need help. I bought an Unlimited version of the game on a PC, I can play online with my friends. but I can not use anything that is related to Forzathon, marathon shop, Setups, Skins etc. It says the FH4 service is not available or can’t use this function. And i am not banned,and i haven’t receive any banned massage. it seems that something wrong with my account. if i login in other account all the function is fine. This happened after i install the 11.7 updates. and i try to reintall the game. it’s useless. Can anyone explain to me why? Is this mean I can’t any longer use FH4 service on my account? I have already unlocked all multiplayer options. Before i install the updates every thing is right to my account.

the same situation here. i can play online but can’t reach the autions house and Marothon shop, i have tried the other account, it works fine on my PC, but my own account is not working. I have this situation since the Update. And i haven’t received the message, which says i am banned.

I have the same situation since update. i can play online but can not use auction house and Forzathon shop, i have tried another account in my computer, so the version of the game is right, only my account not working. i also didn’t get the message to say i am banned. so i am confused, does someone know