Cant stay connected and cant use wheel (G923)

3 days to get this ironed out. I paid for premium to get DLC and Early Access but always assume EA is just a perk not a feature. I wont start complaining too much until the official release of the game. This is my first time EVER playing/buying ANY Forza title and im excited so hopefully it doesnt disappoint. So far the issues I have include not being able to stay connected to “Life” and having to play offline, My Logitech G923 not working at all (“Controller disconnected”) and weird moments when my game will randomly fall from 100+ FPS to 30-40 after 3 hours or so prompting me to restart the game and everything is fine (Temps well in range, GPU usage 90%, CPU 40%, 32GB Ram barely touched) seems like a strange anomaly that I cant really complain about. All in all i’m hoping for a few hot patches for us early access folks but but just expecting a good swing at the bugs day one.