Can't sign in

I guess Titanfall broke Xbox Live because i can’t sign in.

Is there a way to play Forza without being signed in?

no, Im having the same problem, looks the only thing that fall was the Xbox live, eh?

its good to check.

Major Nelson tweeted they are having problems with signing in to Xbox Live on Xbox One and are working on it.

I did google it first so I know Xbox Live is down DUST2DEATH but I thought you could play games offline. Kind of assumed you would be able to play some part of the game without signing in?

there is an easy fix: set up your system as My Home Xbox. The option is found under the Settings menu. There’s a button in the bottom left corner that will let you “Make this my home Xbox.” Enabling this option will allow all profiles on the console to access the content as well, whether or not that specific profile bought it. Of course, you can only have one “Home Xbox” configured to your account at a time.

Now, whether the game will support being played offline is an entirely different thing.

Maybe you have to be online to get the option to make it my home Xbox but I don’t have it.

How is it an easy fix though? Are you able to play the game, in some respect, when it’s the home Xbox?

Whether you can play offline or not will depend on the game.

You could also try and disconnecting from the internet until the problem is resloved

do you know if it keeps your game up to date?

by this i mean, if i were to build up a car, tune it or paint it up, then save it, all whilst no internet connection, would this tune still be there when i sign in online?

Im not 100% sure but i think so. The reason why i think so is because when you turn back on the internet and sign in and then turn on forza the game has to update. So i think when it updates i think that it is updating what you have done while in offline mode. Again dont be mad if this isnt the case but i think it is. Sorry i didnt have a better answer lol

its a better answer than I’ve got, thankyou.
decided to take dog for a walk instead - playing offline just doesn’t do it for me, and id be a bit gutted if i lost any progress made whilst playing offline.


Actually you should just make a quick easy tune and then when you do get online if it goes away you wont be heartbroken. If it stays though then we will all know that what you do while offline will transfer over to online.

So thank you. Disconnecting the wireless option lets me sign in but as above will the game update when xbox live is up and I reconnect? I’m thinking Career Mode races in my case.

yeah I am having the same problem I thought this you must log in or we wont let you play your games thing had been stopped seems we were misinformed hmm

as far as I can tell you cannot start the game as you are not signed in so you would not be able to tune a car in the first place

I’m playing offline since 2hours. Wait and see …

Signed in here, as of this post.

I still can’t sign in, online that is, but thanks for the helpful responses. Fingers crossed and it’ll update whenever the problem is sorted out. If it doesn’t at least I’ll know next time Live goes down.

There was some issues the last couple of days on the leader board times as well. Nobody cheated. It was serious lag that got some of the times and add getting ready for the Titan Fall release and you have Xbox live down again. lol