Can't seem to get clean lap times even with track markers up along the track

I have nothing on just hard driving with no assist on , but on every track now that i run on is dirty , even when I run a very clean race. So what give’s with this now, it never did this before and now anytime I race on a track or online dirty dirty dirty , Getting tired of this bull with Forza 7 . Anyone have a good idea about it . I know I could e-mail them about it but I have done this with other problem’s that everyone else has all they did was just pacifie me which was a joke. I told them that then you want everyone to buy Horizon 4 when you cant even get this Forza 7 fixed . Sounds like to me they just want you money and don’t care about what you really think and need.

I expect you know, but you don’t say, so I won’t assume. But you do know that rewinds and anything that can be vaguely construed as related to “drafting” (including being drafted!) will dirty a lap. That last part can make it nearly impossible to set clean laps at harder difficulties. Time attack or rivals seems the best option if you want to log good clean times.

Friction assist on will do it too

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Drive slower and well away from all traffic - pick a short track like Catalunya Short and run one lap in free play without any opponents, stay in 2nd or 3rd gear and drive clean; if you can’t make that a clean lap you must have another setting enabled somewhere.

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(I expect you know, but you don’t say, so I won’t assume ) is a good idea cause you see since the update it where this all started and knowing that is where the problem lie’s , is the fact I found that they changed on setting’s so you can’t use TC Control , Why ? What is the purpose of changing setting’s so you can’t use TC or any other setting’s . Mmm then what is the use of having them in the first place when you are just going to eliminate later down the road. I sure do feel sorry for the beginner’s that could use it for some time. And you all cant say that you never ever use them either , if so then you are just fooling yourself .

you can use traction control, does not dirty a lap

FRICTION ASSIST automatically dirties the lap,
they are 2 separate assists

Actually, I hadn’t noticed that. I only use TC on some of the hypercars and such that are just way too twitchy without it. I hadn’t noticed it dirty laps, but I don’t much drive those anyway, so rarely have used it. Generally, you’ll likely find that you’re faster without it, with the exception of a handful of cars (at least in my case) where you still want to minimize its impact to avoid losing time. So if you start to really try to run up the leaderboards, you probably won’t want to use it much anyway. And if you aren’t attacking the leaderboards, it doesn’t much matter anyway. I’m curious about it now, so when I play next I plan to see if it’s now dirty for me too. I do know that I saw leaderboard times in the Bounty Hunter that showed the TC icon, and “dirty” laps wouldn’t be placed nearly that high, so if it’s changed, it must have done so since that started (another LB wipe coming?).

I was curious, so fired it up to to test. I think it must be something else because I ran 2 laps clean with TCS on.