Can't see Forza 4 achievements

If I logon to the xbox live website, I cannot see Forza 4 listed on the Achievements tab:

I contacted XBOX support but they said it’s up to the game studio (T10) to fix rather than them?!?

Any idea what could be wrong and how to fix this?

I’ve sent an email to forza support but not sure I’ll get a response (as never have to any of my emails to them ;-( )

I still haven’t got a reply from T10.

I was wondering if the id is unique per game or it’s a unique id for game + user?

For example, the Forza 3 link on my achievements page is:

Should it be just a game unique id, could someone post up what the Forza 4 achievemenets url/link is?

Thanks in advance.

I think we’re all missing FM4 achievements on our profile page.

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Oh ok, I definitely used to have it and I think it only disappeared within last 2-3 months.

Thanks for the reply. Maybe T10 will reply at some point.