Can't remove car from garage

I was just deleting the cars in my garage. I got to the 1973 Land Rover, and there was no option to delete it from my garage. I have two of them, and neither of them have that option. The rest of my cars seem to have the delete option.

A new bug?

This Land Rover is a Barn Find.
If you look at all the other Barn Find vehicle in the game : you’ll see that all of them can’t be removed.
If you want to remove it : you have to go throught the Auction House.

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Well it’s still a bug anyway. If someone decided to buy a bunch of barn finds in the auction they could theoretically fill their garage with cars that can’t be deleted, and kill their game.

I suspect it’s working as intended, given that I don’t believe you can reacquire them, with the reasonable expectation that no one is stupid enough to try (and probably fail) to acquire hundreds of Barn Find duplicates.

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Wasn’t this a “fix” that was patched in to combat exactly that issue?

I stand to be corrected but I’m sure the game launched with the ability to delete Barn finds from your garage but some ingenious/unscrupulous players had worked out they could take advantage of some of the skill trees to make a quick profit. Lots of people were placing the MG MGB & the Spitfire in the AH unaware of the 300k & 200k bonuses that were available. Auto show values for both are very low and the buyouts reflected that.

Once the YouTube vids started appearing lots of people realised they’d missed out and, unsurprisingly, started to cry “foul”…… hence the patch, which I think was meant to act as a deterrent but, seeing as said ‘entrepreneurs’ could still remove the duplicates via the AH, in reality was a minor irritant.

Programmers aren’t supposed to allow bugs that can break a game, so it’s a bug, it doesn’t matter how unlikely it is. Anyway the GT 40 is a popular car, and I’ve personally had 20 of them in my garage to sell. What if I couldn’t sell them? You can’t program a game where you can buy a lot of stuff, and not be able to get rid of it. So whether intentional, or not it has the potential to break the game… it is a bug.

As noted by others, you can, in fact, get rid of the cars using the Auction House (even if they don’t sell). If it’s working as intended, by definition it’s not a bug. I’d agree that it’s a questionable design decision, that would ultimately be unnecessary if unlocking Barn Finds made them available in the Auto Show.

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Bugs are anything that can break a game even if programmed that way…

In this case the unexpected result would be that the garage limit is filled by cars that can’t be deleted thus cancelling all wheelspin features…

Did anyone intend all of the wheelspins to get cancelled by a filled garage when they wrote the game?

So it’s a bug.

Except that it can’t break the game. Filling the garage doesn’t break anything, and there’s a normal way of getting rid of them. Stop redefining words.

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If you can’t do wheelspins the game is broken. If you went on a fruit machine, and it couldn’t spin it would be broken. The auction is not a way to get rid of anything, it is by chance that you get rid of anything, and takes an hour minimum. The auction also has bugs of its own by giving you reminders to check cars that are not even there.

By design, so obviously the game isn’t broken. Again, stop redefining words

This game is a “fruit machine” now?

The car leaves your garage immediately, so it doesn’t take an hour and is already gotten rid of at that point.

This doesn’t seem to be relevant to this thread, even if anyone had any idea what you’re talking about.


Bruh, just put them back on the auction house, problem solved


Programmers aren’t supposed to write programs that have to have problems fixed by the user is what I’m saying.

He says anything he doesn’t like is a bug. To him, it’s a bug filled game.

Things that are by design are “bugs.”

No point in arguing with him.


Programmers are taught that anything that breaks that game is a bug, and being as i’m a game designer all of these things are bugs. If you think of them any other way you would never be working in games.

It doesn’t break the game!


Seems more a lack of idiot proofing than a true usability bug.

It doesn’t break the game. You can get rid of the car by putting it on the auction house. If it doesnt sell the do not reclaim it.


That’s a workaround for a bug. The game at that point was broken, otherwise you could fill your garage… broken. The user has to do a workaround for the programmer which isn’t supposed to happen in games, the programmer is supposed to be thinking ahead of the user. These things go all the way back to the 80’s, there’s no reason to explain them in 2019.

Its not a bug
Its working as intended
The game is NOT broken

If YOU are not happy about it go sumbit a ticket

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