Can't reach L10 jump skills

What happened was, I was driving the map to unlock all the jumps for my L10 achievement and after a fast travel to the festival site I inadvertently stepped into the red zonee of a live team event. Not wanting to enter the event I just carried on doing the jumps as normal with the team score still onscreen but knowing the event would eventually end.
The problem was that even though I managed 3 stars for a chunk of the jumps (and the game acknowledging my 3 stars) I didn’t actually receive any jump skills influence points whilst the event was ongoing so now i’m left with a full set of 3 star jumps and stuck on level 9 with no means of progression.

(post deleted by author)

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I did on a couple (thru the windmill and the small jump over the church) but it just registered it as a PB and nothing more. I’m not really that bothered, just thought i’d mention it.