cant race in f class lobby

a player on a f class track not racing blocking the lobby for over 100 hours can you help

I didn’t know people actually raced those lower classes. Does anybody do D?

Nothing you can do. I don’t know if the mod’s can have T10 shut them down or not.

A few people race the lowers classes, but generally not too many.

I guess you have two options, either bump your car up to “E” or “D” class, or use a different lobby. If there is one blocking player, then the races cannot happen there anyways. Try an open or custom lobby.


Yeah, couldn’t you start your own race?

Yes, you could create your own public lobby. If you just select the regular F class lobby and his is the only one, then you will keep getting dropped into it.

What do yall mean by blocking the lobby? Is that them folks I see in lobbies sometimes just sitting there, never readying up? Like they fell asleep waiting?

not user created lobby but the circuit lobbies, if someone starts a race with people & either the few people there decide to leave or that person lags out of the race & just sits there, that by they are in is just useless as they wont finish & if you leave & go back to the F class circuit lobby more often then not it will put you back into that lobby even if other lobbies are open & have space.

lot of players race in c and b class lobbys when EME club leader is not blocking lobbys

the player has 1974 at the end of hes 3 gametags he uses to block and wreck lobbys at will.