can't purchase blizzard mountain on amazon because i am in the USA?

Since blizzard mountain doesn’t show up on the american amazon. I wen’t to When i tried to buy the digital download (code) it said i couldn’t buy it. Why is this the case? Also why is everyone of my topic posts being blocked since i am under review. Like really?

Why you can’t buy a digital download from .uk when you’re in the US might be a question for
Why Microsoft isn’t selling separate code card for particular DLC might be a question for them, though the answer doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t change the fact that you can’t do it.
If you’re able to order online from Amazon, why not buy the DLC through the Store?

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It isn’t available in the USA amazon, only in the UK. Also i have giftcards, and amazon has my trust a lot more with credit card information then a video-game that someone can hack.

I bought BM through the Xbox Store (on Xbox One S).
I’ve been “hacked” 0 times. Worked just fine for me.

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buy a xbox gift card with your amazon credit for the amount of BM then buy it from the xb marketplace,problem solved