Can't progress in career (possibly stoopid noob question)

Hi - hope this question isn’t too annoying or stupid :slight_smile:

I’m not entirely a noob. I’ve played all the previous versions of the game, but in the past I have always got to driver level ten or so and then given up.

Forza 5 however has grabbed me and I have really progressed.

The trouble is, I have got to driver level 50 and have progressed about half way through the career. One thing I have noticed in this version is that each league is based on type of car, rather that the class and score of the car.

This means that I have got to the class with the Saleen but I cannot progress any further as I can’t afford the cars. I looked at the bonus races but worked out that even if I completed all those I wouldn’t have enough to progress.

Could anyone give me any tips or am I missing something obvious?

Or do I just have to grind?

Thanks in advance.

Free Play mode is an awesome way to grind out credits. You can customize it to whatever cars you currently have and can increase the lap count up to 50. Best way I’ve found to grind out credits is to pick your favorite car and adjust the lap count to give you about a 20-minute race. Depending on the track, you’ll get 19-22k gold each time, not counting bonuses & driver level-ups. You can go for longer races if you like, but keep it to about an hour or less—the gold & exp you get per race, regardless of length, is 60k (which works out to about an hour’s worth of racing, independent of car class). One 20-minute race should be enough for a driver level-up bonus money. If you have the VIP pass, you’ll get an extra 70k. Ten of these kind of races will get you enough money to buy many of the cars in the game.

Rivals mode can get you earn you some credits, but the payout is about the same–it’ll cap at 60k if you stick to one track session for longer that an hour.


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Thank you mate. I really appreciate your reply.

I haven’t tried out rivals mode at all so will do that. Otherwise looks like I’ll be exploring that, free play and online for a bit - using the free play techniques as you’ve described above.

Thanks very much indeed :slight_smile:

No problem. I didn’t get to driver level 1,107 by just playing career mode! :slight_smile:


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Also you can play they Car Class league by chance.

How do you mean savage one?

in career look at the bottom left group of events, they are just class based rather than car type

Ooh I’ll have a look when I’m next on.


The events aren’t based on car type in Forza 5. They are based on a certain body style and within that a certain PI range. In the League Select there is not one single section that will only let you race with a Saleen. If you go to the buy cars option, it will show you all the different cars you can use.

Perhaps you mean that the saleen is the least expensive and that you cannot afford it?

To make money, try multiplayer, rivals or free play. Try raising the difficulty of the drivatar if you can? The game gives you money based on a couple number of things with the major one being number of laps races. The others are difficulty and number of drivatars/people. Also, try to focus on one particular manufacturer perhaps so that you can increase the affinity level and make more money for using their cars.