Can't play ranked races with a friend in the same convoy

Hello, I have a problem with a friend : I play on xbox one and my friend is on PC, we have no problem playing together in free roam or in casual multiplayer races but we can’t play ranked together. We both unlocked the ranked mode (he can search for ranked solo and I can search for ranked solo) but when we’re in the same convoy, same club, same team (we tried creating a race team in the multiplayer tab) but when I get a game he gets the message “Can’t join, the game is full” (not exactly what the game says but you get it). We tried 3 times and every time I have to play alone and he just continues to play free roam alone. So how are we supposed to do, is there something we aren’t aware of ?
Hope that someone can help us or maybe it’s a bug that needs to be fixed.

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Hello, we tried again today, my friend was the convoy leader and he searched for a ranked game. When we found a game he got in and I stayed in freeroam and got the message at the top of my screen “Can’t join, the game is full”. So what do we do ? Do we stop trying to play the ranked ?

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If the first time an adventure is found there isn’t enough player, the convoy leader have to re-launch the matchmaking, otherwise other people in the convoy will not receive any notifications when new adventure will be found. This bug is really annoying, but i’m not sure it will be fixed soon

Hello, we tried what you said (launch first, not enough players, then launch again) but it didn’t worked. We tried like 3-4 times but every time I get the notification my friend doesn’t get it and when I accept to join the game it justs cancels because not enough players.

I’m also having problems trying to get into ranked matches with my friends.
If I search for a game it’ll put me in but leave my friends into free roam and vice Versa :’(
At the moment ranked matches suck!!! :fu:t2:

I’m having the same problem! :rage:

Hello, so after 10-12 tries we managed to get in a ranked game together. We tried doing what leto121212 said and we’re not sure if that changed something. Instead of me looking for games my friend on PC was the convoy leader and searched for games and we finally found 1 and then when we finished it we found another one. So we were able to play together but we’re not sure how we did it, it was random.

You can check our troubleshooting articles: here.
You can also submit a ticket regarding this issue: here.

A couple weeks ago I tried submitting a ticket, still haven’t heard back. I finally gave up and requested a refund, cause this is just dumb.

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