Cant play multiplayer

Have been able to play the game until 3 days ago. Now when I join a session I get disconnected every time. Is really starting to get annoying. I have deleted and reinstalled the game to no avail. Anyone have any ideas.

Well I was able to play today in a MP race but tonight all I get is “waiting for match” is MP class races,tried multiple classes also.

The multiplayer is almost completely broken on this game. There are issues with crashing, constant requests to sign back in to XBL, sound issues.

Seriously have they given up any support on this game. Sadly FM5 will go down as the weakest of the series despite the awesome graphics and sound.

I have not had any of those issues before,well except for the sound from time to time.but no crashing or having to sign back in. But I also have my Xbox internet hard wired,I hate wireless anything connections.

I am hard wired and all I get is waiting for multiplayer session. Total disappointment with the Xbox one. I just got the system (mainly for this game) and on all forums of most games all I read are internet issues Halo, dead rising 3, lords of the fallen. A game here and there blame the game makers or people connections but when it is happening game after game start looking at the system.

Thats what happened to me.
Heres how I fixed it,shut down the xb1 buy holding the button down on the console let it power down fully then just reboot the system and it worked.Unplugging it might not hurt either although I didnt need to.
I have had mine since early june and this is the only time it has ever happened to me.

Also, go into your Network section and check the settings. If you have a STRICT or MODERATE Network Address Translation (NAT) setting, you may have an issue with multiplayer functions. Check this information:

Note those are wireless settings mainly, but there are other links to hard wired (better) connections within the Xbox Support information.