Can't play multiplayer, I'd be glad if someone could help.

I’ve been trying for hours in different days to access lobbies in multiplayer in Forza Motorsport 5 but I’ve always recieved the message “Failed to find a match. Please try again”.

I contacted Xbox support and they made me test a few things and restart my router but, although everything seemed find on my part and other games work perfectly online, nothing has changed after hundreds of attempts to join lobbies. I recieved no reply from

My Xbox One gamertag is TANKRE MW3 and until a few months ago I managed to play online multiplayer just fine. I wanted to come back playing this week but I absolutely can’t join any multiplayer lobby, no matter which type of race i choose.

I can download online tunes fine aswell, it simply won’t find any lobbies for me to join.

Please help me out, I really enjoyed playing Forza 5 online.

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I have that issue from time to time where it fails to find a match or it just gets stuck on the flashing finding match screen but never actually finds one. Ive found that if I load a different game and join multiplayer and then return to FM5 and join multiplayer the issue is resolved. I know it sounds weird but it has worked for me many times.

Thanks for the advice.

Unfortunately nothing has changed after I turned off and back on my Xbox One, joined an online match in a first person shooter, turned my Xbox One off and back on and tried to join various lobbies. I always try joining Class races: C, B, A, S which i assume are the most popular but it seems impossible to find any lobby.

What other games have you tried?

I’d suspect a NAT or firewall issue or perhaps a time out (slow connection, packet loss etc) unless you’re managing to log onto other game servers OK. If you are and the router etc is fine then it may be a bad cache. Try to give a little more info.

Thanks for the advice.

The other games I play are Ghosts, Advanced Warfare and PES 2015 and they all work fine. Both my Xbox One tests and COD multiplayer say I have an open NAT and my connection is good enough to play multiplayer:

The router has always worked fine for Forza Motorsport 5 until a week ago when i tried to play after a while and I tried rebooting it but nothing changed.

How could I fix a bad cache? And what other info would be useful to share?

Looks like a few people are struggling just now so perhaps everything is fine your end. To clear the cache just do a “cold” restart. Hold the X button for about 10 secs to have the consul fully power down (Orange light on brick). Leave it a couple of minutes then start as normal.

This hasn’t worked either. :frowning:

I sent the email to turn 10 a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t recieved any reply yet and the automated email suggested to post on the forums…

I tried getting on multiplayer earlier, pressed a button on multiplayer and few seconds later i get “multiplayer is uunavailable, try again later” is anyone else having problems with multiplayer? Rivals works fine, just can’t even load multiplayer.

I just tried to create a private game and it says “Failed to create a private game”. It seems to be very hard to contact Turn10 for support, this is probably an easy fix if you know what to do.

If you sent an email to Turn 10, you have already contacted them. Lots of people send emails to Turn 10, and you’ll get an automated response indicating the email has been received.

Then you need to wait. Any issues listed in the email need to be investigated, especially if it is a unique one - like you cannot connect to multiplayer, but the vast majority of other players can. Have patience, they’ll get back to you when they have pinpointed the issue.

I have been having issues as well. Started out saying “Multiplayer is unavailable.” Now it says it finds a match but fails when trying to join a session. Been going on for a couple days. Am able to connect to Forza Horizon 2’s servers just fine.

A friend of mine had exactly the same problem i.e used to be able to play online okay but recently could not connect. He resolved this by port forwarding. The link below will help you do this if you’re uncertain how to port forward. Just select your router and follow the guide.

Why only recently some have had to do this I don’t know. However I never had problems on my Xbox 360 and UPnP worked perfectly. However in my experience it seems some routers UPnP does not work aswell on the Xbox One.

I have the same problem, I thought it was normal.

I’m having the same problem as well. It seems like once horizon 2 came out i have been having a hard time getting into multiplayer matches. Turn 10 we need a fix people still play Forza 5