Can't play Forza Horizon 4 after installing clean windows

Yestherday i installed a clean version of Windows 10 and now i am not able to play Forza even when it is already installed on a SSD where all my games are on.
When i go to the Microsoft store and to the page from Forza Horizon 4 it only says install and when i press on it and sellect the SSD to install it on it doesnt do anything.
This is the only gamelauncher that has problems with this steam. origin , uplay all just work fine and reconized all the games that where already installed on the SSD.

What can i do to make the game work again without cleaning my SSD and need to download all the games all over again?

not sure if this will help at all, but I had an issue about a year ago, where I tried opening the game and it would close. I tried a ton of stuff but nothing worked until I fixed the clock and lined it up with my timezone. Have you tried that by chance?

That is already set correctly