Can't open the tab "social"??!

I’m like 30 procent in the game and still can’t open the tab “social” next to the map.
How do I unlock it?
I would like to have my gift money from tier ranks, but i can’t collect it now.
Somebody some help?

I’m dealing with the same issue, and I have all festivals at level 5. It’s a glitch, and it’ll be Tuesday at the earliest before they release their next update/patch. I’m saying that based on past experience with when they normally issue updates.

So this is a glitch that has been happening for xbox silver users. If you want to fix it get gold, then hard reset your console it will work

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I can confirm that this works- bit the bullet and bought Gold.

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I’ll wait for an update/patch. If that don’t do it, I may have to get Gold. But I’ll wait til November to buy Gold (if necessary) because I’d rather get the $60 for 1 year plan, as it’s the best value and October will be tight financially.

If you look around you can get gold cheaper than that
Ebay or cdkeys .com …alot cheaper

Thanks for the advice, but I’ll still wait because my gut tells me this is a glitch…

yeah, you shouldn’t need Gold to open up those tabs, that’s for sure. I’m thinking it’s just a glitch at the moment…