Cant load game

I have a physical copy of forza horizon 2 and i installed it i was playing. I was doing the bucketlist number 8 with the f40. Allod a sudden the game froze and will not start up. I hit it on my dash and reverts back to home. Any idea what to do?

For Xbox One, with power on, hold power button until Xbox powers off, leave for 30 seconds, then power up again and game should work.

For Xbox 360, clear system cache, reboot and game should work.

thank you so much!! Works great. Is there a reason it happened?

Like any modern electronics, things just need resetting every once in a while. It clears any files out of memory that may be stuck. That would cause things not to work, like launching a game. Once they’re cleared the game can carry on as normal.

I can’t even get the game to load.

Have you tried the reset outlined above?