Can't launch the game after ~Series 5 (Win 10 1909)

Basically I took a hiatus from the game around the time of Series 3 and 4, and when I came back
for Series 5, the game wouldn’t launch. At first, clicking the icon in the start menu would bring up Gaming Services and not launch the game. I looked into this and did a reset and refresh, but this didn’t solve the issue. Now whenever I click on the icon, absolutely nothing happens and the start menu won’t close automatically. Same story if I try to uninstall it from the start menu. When I go into Settings → Apps, Forza Horizon 5 is no longer there. Horizon 4 and 3 still work fine.

Since I got it from the Microsoft Store, I went there to install it again, which directed me to the
Xbox app. When I hit install I got error code 0x00000001, which according to the Xbox
support page can be resolved by installing the KB5004476 update. Unfortunately I can’t install that specific update because Install Optional Updates is missing. When I click Check for Updates, it starts installing an update for Defender, but after a few seconds it will just disappear.

Anyone else have the same problem? At this point I’m stumped and I don’t want to mess with registry files in case I break more things, or go through the hassle of reinstalling Windows just to play this game again because I need my PC to complete college work.

It sounds like this is related to Windows installation and errors, which is beyond Forza Support’s scope. Please make sure you’re including Windows Support in your troubleshooting efforts.

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