Can't join to online session only in forza horizon 4 with telekom internet

Cant join on any online sessions in Forza Horizon 4 wit telekom internet

The error what game told me is that.

Its failed to join to session
To solve the problem please check out site
Support id
Server ID
Connection quality: Succesfull (15 region)
region: west europe (0,075)
IPSEC: 0x89232001
it unnable tounlock the adress of the server.
please check DNS settings and try out again

Same problem here! I try everything to play online but it is not worked for me… Can’t join the Horizon Life…

Try open Services in windows (just type Services in the start menu) and first stop IP Helper and afterwards start it again. I have to do it every time I wanna play an MS product online for some reason.

What about xbox? I have the same problem but on xbox, internet working fine, playing games online even FH3 but FH4 doesnt work… Almost two weeks wasted…

It is a problem with the game unless they patch it online will not work.

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Same here, been trying everything, does not work
xbox is live, connected, teredo is running and NAT is open, yet it does not connect

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Same issue, cant connect to online but some things work like auctions, skins etc. I did manage once to get online, but never since. Not sure why it worked that one time

What internet connection are you using Wi-fi or Ethernet?

This was what seems to have fixed it for me albeit with a different ISP, plus turning my AV off hope I don’t need to go thru the Teredo nonsense every time I want to play lol

same here, Telekom, PC

This is so annoying!!!
So i have tried everything! Teredo Fixes, Xbox Fixes. You name it i have done it and Nothing!
to top it all off my Forza doesn’t pick up any country’s! it just says Quality of connection Sucessful. Region: Failed (0x0)
i got no idea what to do. i just wanna play with my mates and have some fun.
not stare at a connection error 24/7
Please Helpppppp

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I’ve trying to help my mate 3rd day with the same kind of problem… [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] :smiley: and so happy that I chose PS4 couple years ago :smiley:

same issue for me. perfect connection on my end, can access auction as well as player design and tunes. just cannot join horizon life and online adventure.

If you have problems that the region fails look at the link if Xbox Live is available in your country.
I have asd equal problem the support says teredo dns makes the problem which in my case but is wrong, with me there is not xbox live in my country.