Cant join club glitch please help

I created my own club, but after a few days of no one joining I disbanded it to try to join another club, but no one ever accepted my request to join so I tried making my own club again. But I got a club error message saying “there was an error communicating with the forza horizon 4 server. Please try again later” so now I guess I cant even make my own club anymore. But it gets worse. Cause now my account in is a weird limbo where it wont let me join another club. I tried sending a request to join and got a message saying I had reached the club limit and I needed to leave my club to join. I’m getting REALLY annoyed with this issue. I paid $100 for this game and I feel like I am missing out on a huge portion the the game’s online aspects. Please help me resolve this. this is really dampening my experience with this game. Although i love it I cant play with a club. I am playing on xbox one x, my gamer profile is CannabyssNinja, I created a club [Bern]Cannabyss but disbanded it shortly after. So I could try to join another club. But after a couple days when I didnt get in to the clubs I sent requests too. I decided to remake my club, [Bern]Cannabyss, however this time it acted like I created it. But it is not on my clubs page. So I have no options within it. And I see no way of managing it or leaving it so I can try to join another club. So I am stuck not being able to play any of the gaming aspects the come with being in a club.

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Still waiting for a response about this issue, still u able to join a club

^This was posted 2 weeks ago… and still they havent fixed this club bug…I have it aswell and it really annoys me not being able to join any club or create one on forza horizon 4…I know couple lf my friends with same issue cant imagine how many people in total are dealing with this for over 2 weeks now or more …


I have the same issue you stated. I have support cases open with Microsoft and Forza support. Spent hours going thru every xbox console, app, settings and even had to factory reset console. All while keeping the live chat up and going with Microsoft while they are directing and viewing what is being done on my devices. Followed every procedure on all devices and sent in the requested screenshots. Still nothing. Deleted Forza Horizon 4 and re-downloaded the longest game download ever.
When this first occurred, I had a buddy visiting and we had 2 xboxes in the room. I get this trouble while he creates his club 1st try. And now I cant even accept his invite. Kind of leads me to believe that there is an active glitch that affects something in our xbox profile when those of us stumble across this unknown sequence of events.
However I do have faith in these folks. Been playing since Forza 1 and they just keep getting better. Horizon 4 is

FH4 is THE BEST car game of all time in my opinion

Did anybody ever find a solution/fix for this? I just had this exact same issue happen to me, created a club and deleted it then get the error message when I try to create or join another one. Super disappointed to see that this has been an issue since October and it hasn’t been fixed yet.

I have the same problem on PC and so far all I found out searching through various forums that it’s probably a NAT type problem. But seriously the support for this game is EXTREMELY poor. They still didn’t fix the spawning after checkpoints at full speed issue, and why do trees have a hitbox that make you do a full stop when scratching them. The worst thing however is that here is no proper lobby browser. I quit this game so often only because I’m forced to play winter dirt A all the time. All I want is street racing with checkpoints. And one last thing: team race is trash 80% of the time because even youre own team mates try to ramm you off the street. Forza 4 is a good game but the multiplayer is pure trash.

Just a quick update to everyone still trying to resolve this issue.

Its now February 4th 2019 and this is STILL on going and isnt fixed…

Still having the same problem since 2 months… is there anybody taking the problem seriously in microsoft because have no logs on patch notes about this problem have already 5 clubs invites that i’ve to refuse because still having problem message " you’ve reach clubs number limit" and have no club…

Same problem and still no fix…

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