Can't import Liveries

When I go to import my FH4 liveries it briefly says “syncing” but nothing happens and then just an empty page. One time I got a popup for importing but no progress there, I left it for a couple of minutes but it looked frozen, 0% progress. I don’t remember if I closed it or if the game crashed but I am unable to get this import popup back. All my liveries in FH4 are handmade so they are not locked so to speak.

How can I get import to work?
Any way to reset that import box?

It took me 1 and a Half hours to import my liveries. It stays on zero for a long time.

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Yeah mine took 45 minutes, half of which was on 0%.

(Then I had to laboriously import each one individually… and wait while it lethargically did that too. Of course, programming an ‘import all’ or tick box system where you choose the ones you want and import a batch all at once is beyond the developers to bother with. I had a lot of fun doing that.)

I’m not sure how to get the popup back though, sorry.

Good to know it takes a long time, but I still can’t get the import window to pop up again… there has to be some sort of reset? Maybe something with the xbox app?

You could try adding a new design to FH4, and see if it triggers it?

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If this was reddit I’d give you an award. It worked!!!
Finally, thanks man!

And now the waiting game begins and hope that nothing crashes :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to learn how to import liveries.

Did you try going to “my designs” in FH5, then hit right bumper on your controller so it goes to FH4 files, and hit A to import one? That’s what I did, took like 30 seconds each.