Can't hear people in lobbies

Why can’t I hear people in online hopper lobbies when these people are not muted ? And I know I’m not muted by the other people because I can hear them in party chat . What is going on ?

The in game chat is broken.

Game chat is broken.
Try to unplug and plug the headset back in. Sometimes you can hear people you couldn’t hear before.

^^^^ this. However you will lose people who you could hear before.

I’ve also found a full restart of your system fixes the problem. But only the first time you play. Next time it will be broken again.

Aahahah YES I forgot this!

And hear the ones you would rather not listen to.

Yeah… the breathers, the whistlers… glad we can mute these people too.

Next gen…


It’s been broken since launch, and it pretty much “pot luck” when it comes to who you can and cannot communicate with.

The only solution is to invite people into Party Chat, but I can understand why you wouldn’t do that with random players.