Can't get to barn find

Ok, you know the barn find that’s hidden behind the car meet, and the only way to get to it is past the car meet? Well I can’t drive past the car meet, I’ve tried a million sneaky ways, and the meet spits you back out facing the other way. Fellow racers, how am I supposed to get to this one?

Could you be more specific? Which car meet? I’ve got all the barn finds and I don’t recall one involving one of the car meets. You certainly don’t have to drive into a car meet to get there, if that’s what you mean.

Barn finds are invariably beside a path through a bushey area.

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Don’t approach from the direction of the car meet. Approach from he opposite side and you should hit an impenetrable fence. Follow this fence around to a barn atop a hill and viola - car.

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Must make Barn Finds harder next game. Much harder in FH1 than this edition. Would LOVE a new batch!

only barn i had problems with was the one u cant get unless you PAY for the Storm Island…grr…sure woulda been nice of them to mention that when you pay for the reasure map :confused:

So why did you not get it when it was free ??

I would recommend getting Storm island. Not as big a map but still awesome.

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Worth every penny. What a dang good time. The second series of Bucket Lists are bit of a challenge for me currently, but I love what they did with the Island.

The stats in the the game do show that there are only 10 Barn Finds. All of these are on the mainland and the stats show them as such - after installing Storm Island this stat does not change. It’s weird but it does show you the information you need.

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When was storm island free?