Cant get the AMG GT 63!

I hate this game now! No chance to get the AMG GT 63! Im not a damn pro gamer that has no real life! Its for me to hard and i win not any race! I was paying more than 100 Euro for this stupid game with VIP Membership and Carpass. But why every damn guy without real life can have the AMG and i cant have the car?? Its unfair, i only have the time to play 1 or 2 times the week some hours. I want this Car cuz i was paying more than 100 Euro. If i cant have the car as “VIP Member wit Car Pass” i want my damn money back. Its stupid to pay 100 Euro and all the jobless gamers have more cars than me without paying anything! This was the last Horizon for me, if i dont get my money back!!!



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You might want to think about how you come across. Currently, it sounds like a 6 year old having temper tantrum because their parents wont buy them a new toy.

In game rewards are not illegal anywhere. This is a NORMAL part of gaming. You did not pay for that car, you bought a game that you can play.

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This is a joke right? Ahahah poor kid lulz


I have a full time job and a family and I have managed to get all cars offered so far, with the exception of the Capri FE and M3 GT-R due to a self imposed break from gaming.

All you have to do is put in the effort and you will get the cars. There is nothing illegal going on at all, you paid for the license to use the game, which you can do. It has nothing to do with not having a life and I can guarantee there are plenty of people like me that have lives and jobs, put in the effort and get the cars.

It has nothing to do with “consumer protection” nor is it a scam.


Sounds like your first Forza if you can’t be bothered putting 2-3 hours a week into it. Sheesh!

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Well, each with their own life, and many of us are really busy, but I managed to get this car yesterday with 1hour of playing. So a couple of hours a week, as you said, should be enough.

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As a jobless gamer (who is actually a full time carer) I just want to say “Good luck with that!”

Oh and I must have a word with my bank, obviously they are showing people what I do and do not spend my money on… I mean they must be how else would you know whether or not I have paid for anything?

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Nevermind, I was thinking of the Mercedes Championship, not the 5 based reward

Bringing up VIP and Carpass means nothing when it comes to reward cars. You got what you paid for, as described, with each. No where did it say you were “entitled” to ALL CARS in the game.


It might not be a legal scam, but this type of time-gated game design is not respectful of players either. It’s a psychological hook to keep players playing for longer than they would otherwise so they don’t miss out on new cars/content (especially given the sad state of the auction house). Sadly, it’s become so prevalent in AAA game design that a lot of people just kind of accept it, when fundamentally it is effectively psychological abuse/manipulation to inflate player numbers.

With this time gating, if you can’t play for a week, rather than being a week behind in the game now you’re potentially setback by a year (or permanently) since there’s no guarantee of future availability of these arbitrarily rare cars or that you’ll be able to grab them the next time they come up.

That said, I was able to get the AMG GT, but it did take several hours between finishing all the offline seasonal content and earning the 3mil credits to buy a F40 C (and the requirement to drive it for 24 miles, not sure why PG keeps putting these “drive X distance” “challenges” in, especially given how many players they simply don’t work for). Not a particularly hard week of challenges (except maybe those awful seasonal community courses), but definitely much more grindy than usual.


The Problem is that these cars are bonus cars. They have nothing to do with car pass, VIP or the Game itself. So the Verbraucherschutz cant do anything.
I hate this bonus car thing myself cause i like to collect all cars. I hope that Horizon will do the same thing like Motorsport. With the latest update all cars, except the preorder ones, are buyable at the car dealer.
But i wont buy any more Forza Titles in the Future. I dont like the multiplayer / online focus of the Series. And the more than crappy car sounds do the rest. Earlier in my life i couldt stop play Forza. Now i play an hour or less and stop cause my ears are bleeding from the bad sound. Viper? Alfa 8C? Mercedes AMG? Ferrari F12 tdf? I think their new Sound Database wasnt a good idea. The Developers must hate their chiefs. I cant imagine that the sound designers are proud of their work.

If you’re going to raise issues of legality and refunds, that’s for Support, not discussion. .

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