Can't get rewards

Hi, I posted on here over a week ago and I never got. I did a 50 lap race at Nurburgring (9 hours) with a bunch of mods (and took a video) expecting to get a ton of rewards, but I didn’t get a thing. No credits, no XP, nothing. Well, after the race I tried opening my rewards and crashed the game. Now, a week later I still have the same problem. I can’t even play the game because I won’t get anything from any race. I feel like this is ridiculous. It seems like this game was thrown together in a month. A lot of my friends are also getting a lot of bugs that are affecting their gameplay. When I paid all the money I did, I was hoping I’d actually be able to enjoy the game. As of right now, I’d rate the game 1/5 stars. You guys really need to step it up. People bought this game to play it, not to sit around waiting for someone to decide to help them out.

"So I did a 9-hour race (50 laps Nurburgring) and I had my VIP 100% mod, 90% Finish-25-Meters-Ahead mod, and some 500% XP mod active, so I took a video expecting to get a boatload of stuff, instead I got nothing, and every time I try to open rewards it crashes. I restarted the game, still had the same problem. Restarted the Xbox and it still crashes when I open rewards. Can you guys send me my rewards in a message? A bunch of crates? A 73 Trans AM? (The car I want to most in the whole game) I really hope my 9 hours didn’t go to waste.

EagleSky196 (Sam)"

Maybe post a support ticket if you want specific action taken?