Can't get into public lobbies at all

It’s been well over a week and I keep getting the same message “Failed to find a game session”.

MP works flawlessly in every single game I own including BF1, all the FM and FH games (minus FM7), GOW4 and others. There’s literally zero lag.

I’m on Xbox One-X, using a VDSL connection with 15megs down 7megs+ up. What’s wrong with FM7 public hopper servers? Everything else works fine in the game like rivals and message center.

I’ve tried clearing persistent storage and alternate MAC address. I’ve switched to wireless. I’ve performed a full hard reset although I do a full shutdown/cold boot after every gaming session.

So what gives then? MP is running perfectly fine in FH4 so what is the issue with F7?

I’ve been having issues recently as well. Can’t get into any lobby, neither private nor public. “Failed to acquire server data”. If it is a problem with Forza, hopefully it’s fixed in the next update.

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Failed to acquire server data".

Same… :frowning: Is there a discord group we can go to to find races?

I am seeing the same “Failed to find a game session” as well since a few days back.

I’ve tried everything, including physically swapping out the router for different one so I could see if it was a networking issue. Firewall has been disabled, tried different DNS servers. Also tried resetting the game data.

Nothing helps.

And of course, no-one is answering support emails. Not even an automated reply to confirm they have received the email.

This is just silly. It’s literally impossible to get any help on this from google or this forum.

Had the game for 10 days now, and already it’s broken.

I can’t understand why they won’t fix their servers. Working great in FH4 so why not here?

“Failed to find a game session”

Been more than 10 days now.

Good afternoon
I have xbox one with the game forza7 and a few days I can not start the game multiplayer, give the message MULTIPLAYER IS NOT AVAILABLE AT TIME, TRY AGAIN LATER. I contacted my Vodafone internet service provider and they answered that there are no errors in the communication, I have other games and I have no problem with the multiplayer with Forza 7 alone. It is bad that these problems appear and that no one brings the solution to solve them.

Whenever I get issues restarting the game always fixes it, usually happens after returning to the game after putting my console in sleep mode. That said the issue you guys are having seems to run much deeper than that.

All I can say is everything has been running perfectly fine for myself :confused:

A user on reddit hinted at the possibility that the game needed to update itself. I went into Microsoft Store, fumbled around a bit (yes, the Microsoft Store seriously needs a PROPER rework to be a lot more intuitive), and pressed the little download icon to the right of the game’s title, and it did indeed download a patch. Problem was now solved for me.

Why doesnt the game update itself? Why doesn’t it at least provide an error message saying it’s using an old version of the game when you enter online lobbies? More importantly, why is there no visible notification anywhere in Windows/Microsoft Store that the game REQUIRES an update to play online, and that there’s an update waiting to be downloaded?

We’re all on the latest upated version and can’t get in even though MP works flawlessly in FH4 and all other and games including past Forza ones that I own.
This is 100% an issue on their end that they still haven’t looked into. MP was working for me in FM7 more than a month ago. So what happened now? Food for thought.

I joined this forum to complaint about this as well.

Since monday I cannot join any public lobby. Its dead.