Can't get Forza 5 off the loading screen...

I’m stuck on the picture of the P1 and my game won’t load any further. I’ve turned off the game, and when I restart it, I get to the same spot. I’ve signed in, signed out, I’ve ejected the disc and reinserted the disc. I’m lost…any ideas?

Cold reboot - turn the console off, unplug it for a moment, then restart everything to see if that fixes it. If not, you could try uninstalling and reinstalling the game (and its content updates).

Yeah, this is a well-known glitch for the Xbox One over a variety of games. As Max said, try a cold reboot first. But of that doesn’t work then don’t immediately try re-installing it.

Try starting up the game on a 2nd profile. If the games starts up, then sign out of your 2nd profile and sign back into your main profile.

If that doesn’t work, then try re-installing it. I only say this because re-installing takes forever and you could save yourself some time :slight_smile:

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Happens to me all the time. I got to the point where anytime I shut the game off, I do a cold reboot by holding the button for 5 seconds (no unplugging needed in my case). If I don’t do that, the game is unplayable everytime I come back to it. Its annoying, but I’m used to it now.

Whenever i install a new game i wait till its fully installed before i start it up for the first time. I know we should be able to start the game when a certain percentage has been installed but i just wait till its all done and i havent had any problems with games not working so i must be doing the right thing. I hope the OP’s problem is sorted out by now.

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Happened to me this morning, wouldn’t get past initial splash screen on any disk- based game but fine on digitally purchased ones. Cold reset solved the problem!

Did read somewhere that there’s a few who cold reset their One weekly

I would go over to the Xbox One Support forums, and tell them:

turn ten should get about 1000 people from this board to be beat testers. these should be the people who play the game the most and are online. give them a special xbox that keeps detailed logs, the game, and all dlc then when they run into a bug or glitch they can say “xbox bug report” that will save a replay, the code log, and let them type in what the bug is and automatically send it to turn ten. the xbox hopefully will only be a one time expense and if the games/dlc are digital they get tied to the xbox so they cant be lost/stolen/ sold/ etc and not cost much at all. it would basically be free beta testers. if they played 100 hours it would cost $750 at minimum wage to pay them as employees. 500 for the xbox and 120 for the game and car pass is only $620. for fm6 the cost will only be the software. and if you are one of the top 1000 play time people i think its going to be 1000 hours a year and not just 100. just give them all the content/updates a month before it goes live so turn ten has time to make the fix before release or delay releasing it if its going to be a major bug like the career looping for road america.

I see where you are coming from rdo3, but this was not a Forza-specific error; at least not for me. It affected all disc-based games, so seems to be a console issue.

On the subject of beta testing, I know Microsoft do offer beta testing of dash updates (check my avatar’s T-shirt), and I believe (although cannot confirm) that some of their game titles are offered out on beta-testing.

fine. then do it for all games. i’m sure there are people out there that would do the testing for free games and a console. they evidently need more testers than they are currently using with all the surprise glitches. the other option is a lack of coders to keep up with the bug reports they already have and releasing stuff they know doesn’t work, but thats going to work against you getting you a bad rep so i dont think thats it. selling stuff you know to be broken when your competitors new product is $100 cheaper would be insane, no way the marketing and accountants let that happen on purpose.

heck even give them online lessons in codeing and teach them to read the logs and let them try to write patches, if they write a good patch that gets used pay them for it. make a bug bounty, the more severe the bug the more it pays. that way if they dont fix bugs it dosn’t cost microsoft money. and if they dont play enough or do any bug reports microsoft can ask for their console back and let someone else have the tester spot.